Frequently Asked Questions

I get many emails, so I try to answer here the most frequently asked questions…for others need please use the contact page🙂

  • Do you deliver high resolution files for free use? Yes, we deliver DVDs with JPGs in high resolution, all calibrated and ready for prints, for free use without additional costs.
  • Do you deliver RAW files? No, RAW files are never delivered, only JPG that pass from our selection and editing standards.
  • Do you use Drones for ? No, we try to be really silent while we work.
  • How many photographers will be present at our wedding day? Two, to give a wider and complete coverage, with more point of view and to be present in different places at the same moment.
  • Are you looking for an assistant? No, I work with a tight team at the moment.
  • Do you have time limits? On a full-day there are not real limits…let’s say about 12 hours. For any particular needs we can find easily a way together before the wedding day.
  • How many shots you deliver at the end of the service? For a full day with both getting ready and party usually 700, but often way more…it depends from number of guests, etc…
  • Do you charge transfer from your city? No, until the place is really far and we have to sleep outside.
  • Can we have you shooting only and make the book without you? Yes, remember you’ll have the files.
  • What about poses and family Pictures? We suggest some formal pictures with families, friends, ecc…a small number of group pictures usually just after the ceremony…just some minutes. As you can see we don’t let go classic pictures that come from an easy co-operation with the couple for some classic portraits. We don’t like to create set with toomuch over-posed pictures because they are not in our style of shooting. We prefer to dedicate ourselves to capture the reality and emotions, since they are strong enough. If you search for this posed style, We are not the right photographers. What we like is to catch the mood of your story and give you back something personal to remember.
  • Which cameras? I use a lot of different things, I like small and light set-ups, for a spontaneous photography. I think that everything can be used if you take the time be confident with the tools. I don’t like to talk about cameras, in reality.
  • Where are you located? Milan, Italy on the Navigli (rivers) area. We are often away so it’s on appointment-only.
  • What kind of books you realize? Traditional and digital coffee-table books, but in every case with a sober and clean in-page design, so no hearted framed pictures 😉
  • Why so much black and white?..It’s a thing we love. The work is born in color but we offer a lot of Black and White copies of the shots we think adapt best to that style.
  • Do you sell lightroom presets? No, They are personal and made with years of adjustments.
  • Can you deliver prints for guests? we suggest you our Polaroid service, with cameras and film. We think it’s not a good idea that one of the photographers stop for making prints of low quality, in a hurry, without the right editing. Guest will be able to shoot freely and have fun, use a guest book, keep and hang the best pictures that are printed automatically, without stopping a photographer. Every time we realized this service, has been funny and worked great, so we DON’T make prints during the shooting day, except if you accept our Polaroid service.

Any other question? 🙂

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Frequently asked question on wedding photography