A different package for your wedding. Fine art wedding photography

Fine art wedding photography

Someone has a different Idea on how a wedding reportage should be finished.

The Fine art wedding photography package is made for photo-enthusists that love high-end results and want a photographer with a different idea on photography and on the final printed result.

fine art wedding photography
fine art wedding photography


This service is dedicated to those who desire an high-quality print and ask their photographer to focus on epic moments to obtain the best possible result rather than trying to get thousands of pictures. Pictures are taken with this idea in mind, focused and made expecially by having a deep approach with the subject, avoiding any rush.

We believe that film signature is still really important and so we use a lot of traditional-photography cameras…35mm film cameras and high-end Medium-Format from 6×6 to 6×9 other than Polaroid and  Fuji Instax instant cameras.

Vintage and classic effect will pop out of your pictures and you will LOVE what you see. Analogic Film photography still allows a quality and a soul far from what digital does, both for color and black and white…those who desire to choose between color and black and white will be allowed to give us indications.

This service is finished with a delivery of 50 high-end fine art prints on baryta paper in one archive box or in a dedicated photo-book.

Many prints will be made manually in a darkroom, in some case a scan and a print will be made, depending on the desired result.

We will anyway follow your wedding with digital cameras too so you will anyway get digital pictures on DVD for free use and of course you will get the files of those 50 fine-art prints.

Every time I am asked to shoot in this way I think that this is the best way ever. Pictures have a timeless beauty, far from the digital rush.

It’s impossible to show such beauty on a screen, but the cinematic effect is totally guaranteed.

Have a look here to an example!

fine-art prints

fine art wedding photography
fine art wedding photography


gabriele lopez fotografo matrimonio
gabriele lopez fotografo matrimonio



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