How we love to work as your wedding photographer...

Wedding photography showed in this website want to show a personal storytelling on emotions and details that will make that day different from each other, to give you back an irreplaceable memory.

Photography has a magic power to generate emotions that will grow stronger as years will flow on, if taken with sensibility, knowledge and care for every moment and detail of your day…a Photography that’s kind of far from posed photos that look all the same, stopping your day to build fake situations..but the natural direction of your day, a discreet and careful reportage to emotions that happen once and last one second.., looks, instants, detail and all the sensations that can last forever and become your personal treasure and part of your life….
Imagine laughters, love, friends, emotions….al this and so many other things are what we try to capture and preserve with a good photograph, this is what we love to do even if we are not working as wedding photographers.

I shoot as a wedding photographer only a restricted number of weddings every year, keeping them distanced enough to follow them as I like…
I like to keep a friendly and close approach to the people that choose my photography, and follow the heavy post-processing part personally and quietly.
After shooting your wedding day, all the pictures are observed and calibrated e calibrate one by one, until I find and meet the original idea.. and many files are duplicated/converted in high quality Black and white…then I process your dedicated web-gallery for you and your guests…at this point you can get all the high-resolution files to make your own free use, prints, etc.. and choose the files for a book, if you like.

Avoiding the wedding overload let me work on my personal photography projects and keeps my vision fresh.

Everything, from the shooting, to the number of assignments that i accept, to the final part is organized with attention to the story I like to tell without being in a hurry, or tired.. keeping an eye on the fading hidden details..may the assignment be a wedding or any other reportage assignment I’m asked or plan to work on..

 “Gallery” section contains a selection of photographs from my work, and the Blog is a true constantly updated photographic diary full of stories and informations on recent photojournalistic wedding reportages taken from years to now.

Please Contact me for any question, estimate or information.