matrimonio Castello Rossino

Wedding Castello di Rossino

Wedding Photography in Castello di Rossino_

Matrimonio con un ottima energia positiva.

É stato proprio questo che ho amato di questo servizio fotografico per matrimonio al Castello di Rossino, a poca strada da Lecco.
Era da un po’ di tempo che non tornavamo in questa location, ci avevamo scattato un matrimonio stupendo per una coppia che poi é andata a vivere a New York, e ricordo che era stato un evento splendido. Questa Location mi piace davvero tanto, si presta davvero ad una festa come la amo io, mentre si é circondati da eleganza e fascino.
Silvia e Riccardo si sono rivelati dei grandi, sempre della terna di amici incontrati durante un matrimonio a Portovenere che avremo l’occasione di fotografare quest’anno.

Ci siamo sentiti a casa, grazie davvero di tutto…

Positive energy is what can make a wedding vibrate.

This is what I loved about this wedding photography service at Castello di Rossino, close to Lecco Italian Lake.
It’s been a while since our last shooting in this location, we took a wedding for a couple that ended up going to live in New York, I remember even that day as a wonderful one. I really love this location, it takes to parties in the way I love, while you are surrounded from charme and elegance.
Silvia and Riccardo have been fantastic, second of the three friend I have met during a  weddding in Portovenere that we will shoot during this year.

We felt home, thank you so much!

Wedding Photographer in Milan

wedding photographer proposal Milan

Proposal wedding Photography session in Milan, Italy, Engagement Photographer Milan_

Proposal wedding Photography session in Milan, Italy. Engagement photographer,

Proposal wedding photographer Milan
Wedding Photographer in Milan…moments of the proposal shooting we organized 🙂

I used to go on the Duomo rooftop the first time as a Kid, I can recall my parents bringing me there. After that, nothing for so many years…I have been there several times recently instead, may it be for some Portrait Photography i have done on assignments, or for pleasure. It stays a lovely place in Milan, actually…it is full of a mood you can’t just describe, even if some photographer has been close to capture it.

Hans and Azin came from England…actually it was a surprise for her that was visiting Milan with her family. What’s better to dress and act like a tourist in your hometown and just hide around and capture with photography everything exactly when it happens? Everyone in the family has been a good actor, and we have seen all the joy happen, while my little black box was freezing everything for the pleasure of memory…

Have a stunning life and enjoy your Wedding in Europe now! You are great!

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Fotografi matrimonio Svizzera

wedding photographer switzerland

fotografi matrimonio Sementina, wedding photographers Sementina, Switzerland. C & M.

Fotografi matrimonio Svizzera

fotografi matrimonio Sementina, wedding photographers Sementina, Switzerland. C & M.

There was a big mood in this wedding in Switzerland, a lot of desire to celebrate. Chiara and Michel have been together as a family for a while, and the day was simple, clean and delicate. I loved to frame such simplicity of Loving each other in my viewfinder. We went for the wedding reception to the “Fattoria l’Amorosa“, and we were surrounded by a stunning and peaceful nature and vineyards all around us.

Grande atmosfera per questo matrimonio in Svizzera, tanto desiderio di celebrarlo. Chiara e Michel sono assieme come famiglia da tempo, loro e la loro giornata sono stati semplici, puliti e delicati… Ho amato inquadrare questa semplicità tra le cornici del mio mirino. Il ricevimento del matrimonio si é celebrato alla “Fattoria l’Amorosa“, circondati da una natura pacifica e incantevole e da molti vigneti. Favoloso.

wedding photographer Fortezza Viscontea

Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda

Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d'Adda

Wedding photographers

wedding photographer Fortezza Viscontea, Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d’Adda

So they had their wedding dream realized in Cassano d’Adda at Fortezza Viscontea…it was nice to meet these two guys, drinking cocktails together at the Pub close to my studio thinking about all that was going to happen…the day was moody and all people was so close to each other, the flying umbrella road was a real present 🙂


Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d'Adda
Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d’Adda
Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d'Adda
Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d’Adda

Fotografi matrimonio Fortezza Viscontea, Cassano d'Adda

Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda
Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d’Adda
Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda
Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d’Adda
Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda
Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d’Adda

Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda Fotografi Matrimonio Cassano d'Adda wedding photographer Fortezza Viscontea wedding photographer Fortezza Viscontea

Mirrorless camera for wedding photography

fuji x-pro1 for wedding photography

Searching a camera that adapts to your personal style of taking photographs

Mirrorless camera for wedding photography

From Almost 5 years I started using mirrorless camera next to many other things (Expecially film cameras) in my professional assignments, both wedding photography and many other Commercial photography things.

Many year have lapsed since I started to work as a Professional photographer and my desire of bringing around so much gear is always smaller, I’m learning to take away rather than adding. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are a lot of photo-situations where where you just can’t say NO to a giant bag, if you need laptop, long and bright lenses and a set of lights, you have to do it 🙂

In some way i have always tried to do it, but then you end up in some way possessing things you don’t really need, that can distract us from the core of things we really care about our photography.

I kept using especially my Fuji cameras, that are getting better and better. My project as a X-Photographer keeps going on and since the (Fuji) company has been careful and brilliant I hope and believe there will be a lot that we will be able to build about photo-projects.
What i always loved in photography is a definite kind of viewfinder. I LOVE sided viewfinder, rangefinder style…may that be a real rangefinder or not is not the most important thing, what really matters to me is that most part of my face stays free, and that I can see way more than what the viewfinder is framing, giving me room to notice if something is going in or out from the frame, giving me a more dynamic way of taking pictures, with more freedom and less rigid control. The face stays free to interact with the subject. I

I don’t know if this would fit you, but it’s perfect for me.

fuji xe2s wedding photography
fuji xe2s typical way of framing…

This love comes from the years spent shooting Rangefinder cameras that I still use for personal projects. Since the Fuji X100 came out it became clear that a new era was born and and finally it would have been possible to work professionally even in digital.
Finally someone understands that TAKING AWAY is better than ADD. Less Menu stuff, more classical dials. Three elements are really important: Shutter times, Aperture, Focus. Add exposure compensation where is best suited and that’s all.
Following this way of seeing thing, the Fuji XE Line is the most sober & essential of all Fuji System. Even the (lovely) Hybrid viewfinder of my X-pro is gone, leaving with a single choice. Don’t think at the camera, all is left is the subject!

I can check the settings while walking, so I can be totally free from technical distractions while I put the eye to the camera.

I used intensively my X-pro1 for almost five years now, and now the shutter has 270000 (yes, thousand) shots and I can say it’s really good for me.

fuji x-pro1 for wedding photography
fuji x-pro1 for wedding photography. Not a gentle use 🙂 Hope she will forgive me…


As I said several times, you don’t need a definite kind or model/brand of camera to work, it remains a really personal fact of taste, absolutely personal; anyone can obtain the kind of photography that is inside his head with anything if it’s fine for that vision and feeling…but having less weight, a silent camera, discreet and compact but especially simple may really help us to focus to composition and to the world that is around the camera rather that on the camera settings. We will be more free to to see how light paints the world (in an electronic finder is even better) without having to press “Play” to see the result, in a simple way, without a bag full of gear and without a face that reminds a professional photographer…better to pass as tourists, anyway.

These cameras may be a wonderful Moleskine, but they can take wonderful photographs, an extension of our way of living, not just a performing photographic tool.
Let’s think at the camera like something slightly bigger than your hand, comfortable at your neck for a full day rather than safe in a protective bag. It helps you to document your life, becoming part of it, without being too much of a presence.

Fuji xe2-s Gabriele Lopez
Thank you Fujifilm japan for being so kind to dedicate me a Serial Number…I even noticed after several battery changes!! 🙂

This gallery is a Mix of wedding photography and Personal photography taken with this serie of Cameras…if you want you can check my personal Blog