Wedding Photographer in Milan

Proposal wedding Photography session in Milan, Italy, Engagement Photographer Milan_

Proposal wedding Photography session in Milan, Italy. Engagement photographer,

Proposal wedding photographer Milan

Wedding Photographer in Milan…moments of the proposal shooting we organized 🙂

I used to go on the Duomo rooftop the first time as a Kid, I can recall my parents bringing me there. After that, nothing for so many years…I have been there several times recently instead, may it be for some Portrait Photography i have done on assignments, or for pleasure. It stays a lovely place in Milan, actually…it is full of a mood you can’t just describe, even if some photographer has been close to capture it.

Hans and Azin came from England…actually it was a surprise for her that was visiting Milan with her family. What’s better to dress and act like a tourist in your hometown and just hide around and capture with photography everything exactly when it happens? Everyone in the family has been a good actor, and we have seen all the joy happen, while my little black box was freezing everything for the pleasure of memory…

Have a stunning life and enjoy your Wedding in Europe now! You are great!

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