Wedding Photographer Sorrento

Wedding in Villa Giusso

Italy, has been said before, is definitely full of enchanting treasures.

Working as a wedding photographer in Sorrento, Naples and all this wonderful area is a real Gift. It’s considered one of the nicest places in the world…and as soon as you’re there, it’s not hard to realize why. People has a different energy, and wonder why? I think is definitely a gift that comes from the place, it’s just another friendly energy.
You will wonder soon why so many songs and Poems have been written over these places..

We have made so many weddings in the Naples Area and every time we have been covered with joy and fun. I would have no doubts on just going and live there a few years if I will ever have a chance.

Villa Giusso is a wonderful Location, the staff has been a touch of poetry during all day.