On being a Photographer...

A lot of time has lapsed since I have started to work as a photographer. I have been taking photographs since I can remember, but I ended up being a professional photographer like 15 years ago.
So many things have changed since then, the market is totally different, there are a million photographers.
I had so many version of a blog, it's been used in a lot of ways. I remember years where I have been slaved to SEO and writing content to let clients find me. It worked, but this can distract you from dedicating to create just quality contents.
I have deleted that (or better say those) blogs and websites, and I have switched to a minimal website for my photography and I decided to re-start a blog recently, but rather than asking me what the clients may search, make keyword searches and getting crazy on seo-tricks, I just want to keep it as minimal as possible and publish something in the form of a diary.

Something that makes me feel alive, maybe is this that people may want to find.

Welcome to my diary as a photographer in Milan.

Working as a professional photographer in Milan Italy