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Local portrait photographer, Milan Italy

Local portrait photographer, Milan ItalyI've been said it before, probably. That's mostly because I think it often and these pages are mostly a personal diary about my job as a Photographer. Ivana came from far away, was looking for a portrait photographer in Milan and make meetings and connections with far people is the best part of the job. She had a story with herself, that I remember really was deep and strong. I will not tell it here because it's of no importance, there was. We walked the streets of Milan with a touch in some secret spots, talking and using the camera to record what was happening.  Photographs after all may be a reproduction of reality, those that catch my interest, at least. Getting the mood, something that is a portrait of a moment in life, something that can (personally) contain something that gets value in time. I still like to look at those photographs taken in Milan not just as a photographer point of view with the "X hours package"…

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